Woman shares fan and bedsheet heatwave hack and people say it’s a game changer


With the UK facing heatwave temperatures and more predicted to be on the way, it’s fair to say we’re all struggling to find ways to cope with the sweltering weather.

But it appears not everyone’s brains are melting and the sunshine has actually sparked some people’s creativity as they find unique ways to beat the heat.

A popular hack going viral on social media has been labelled a game changer, as people cool off by creating a wind tunnel big enough to sit in using a duvet cover and a fan.

Valery Lam was one of the people to give it a go, and she posted the DIY method on her TikTok, which has since been replicated by many.

In the original video, Valery captioned it: “Tried out this hack where you set up your fan inside your bedcover!”

The clip showed her set up where she filmed herself inside the empty sheet, with the fan pointed inside on full speed to keep cool air circulating all around her.

With people desperate to recreate it themselves, one pleaded: “Wait can you do a tutorial now! Plz.”

To which Valery replied: “You need to lay in your sheets and then clip the fan to the sheets”, showing the air hold the sheet open so that it can be sat in.

TikToker Skye Cotter also jumped on the trend and shared her own version of the heatwave hack.

Her set-up appeared to be even more elaborate as she had installed not one but two fans, with a laptop at the entrance to keep her entertained and a water bottle to stay hydrated.

She went on to show how her cosy cooling space was ideal for watching movies. The TikTok, which was uploaded three days ago, has been viewed by more than 340,000 people.

Many users were impressed by Skye’s originality as a person wrote: “Omg best idea”.

Another person even considered using the hack for their pet: “Ooo this looks like a good idea for my dog! I love being really warm but he’s not a fan of the weather though at all!”