Takeaway customer sparks debate after tipping delivery man with slice of pizza


Thanks to the invention of apps like UberEats, Deliveroo and JustEat, ordering takeaways has never been easier – but do you tip your driver?

The subject of tipping delivery drivers is often one which sparks debate. Some people believe that if you can’t afford to tip the driver, you shouldn’t order in the first place, while others argue that the takeaway shops themselves ought to be paying drivers more.

A takeaway customer recently sparked the very same debate, when instead of putting their hands in their pockets for a tip, they decided to offer their delivery driver a free slice of their pizza.

TikTok account @ringdoorbell.compilation shared a clip of a pizza delivery man in the United States turning up at a home, to find a note which read: “No money for a tip, please take slice of pizza.”

The delivery driver can be heard saying, “you’re kidding me?!” before slumping his shoulders and taking a slice of pizza, instead of the expected cash tip.

In the comments, people were left divided over whether it was acceptable to pay the driver in free food – especially when many establishments already offer free food to drivers, and expect them to rely on tips instead of wages.

“It’s so sad to see how many people think it’s acceptable not to tip. You don’t realise how many jobs in the US depend on tops. This guy actually lost money on this delivery,” one TikTok user commented.

Another added: “Why do all of you fail to realise that tips aren’t necessary? Those who think they are don’t deserve them.”

“If you can’t afford the tip, you can’t afford the food – it’s that simple,” a third wrote.

It’s unclear whether the delivery man will have been paid by the restaurant, or whether he was relying on tips from customers to get paid – but, either way, a slice of pizza is not what he was expecting.